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andrea geyer

Asterism. 2016. size variable, hand cut archival print on rag paper.

Asterism (After Grete Stern)

Asterism (After Ani Albers)

Asterism. Installation Parque Galleria, Mexico City, Mexico.

Women were an integral part of the Bauhaus culture, as teachers, shop leaders and students. Yet in the histories created around this important institution their contributions and central role to its legacy if often absent or confined to areas of study considered suitable for women. The series Asterism contemplates this absence depite their presence. It overlays historic portraits of some of these women with drawingsby one of the most celebrated lead figures of the institution: Joseph Albers. The Constellation drawings made in the 1950s are used as a prism, thinking through the fate of many of the women seen only through the lens of their male counterparts. At the same time, reconfiguring the portraits simultaneously away and towards representation, Asterism allows the viewer to experience the complexity of each women’s legacy with renew intensity.

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