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andrea geyer

Manifest. 2017. HD Video, color, sound, loop, projected on screen suspended from ceiling.

Manifest. 2017. (Video Still) HD video, color, sound, loop.

Manifest. 2017. (Video Still) HD video, color, sound, loop.

Manifest. 2017. Installation view at SFMoMA.

What do we need from museums in this current moment? Grace McCann Morley, the founding director of SFMOMA (1934-1958) championed museums as an important and central part of civic life. What would this look like today? Starting out with Morley’s lectures and writings, Geyer adds contemporary voices to a list of demands, of pleads to the museum, inviting the viewer to imagine alongside her the space a museum within the current social and political climate could offer to civic society at large. Enacted by two performers the list of demands and desires articulated contextualizes museums in a larger discourse of representation and privilege and challenges ongoing ideological erasures that lie at the core of the constitution of museum culture. Yet Manifest puts forward an emphatic preposition to re-own this site of culture in a new pragmatic way for everyone.

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Performers: Jenny Bass and nicHi Douglas
Direction, Edit, Script: Andrea Geyer
Script sources: Grace McCann Morley, Fred Moten, Jack Halberstam, Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Hannah Arendt, Doug Ashford, Wendy Brown, and Ian White
Director of photography: Martina Radwan
Sound: John Steadwell
Production management: Sage Donahue
Hair and makeup: Arielle Williams
Crew: Anna Parisi, Catherine Fenton Bernath, Daniel Llaría Gaspar, Nina Macintosh, Paulina Kim, Rebecca Ou, Sareh Imani, and Tianyu Qiu