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andrea geyer

Three Chants Modern. 2013. two-channel HD video, color, sound, 25 minutes.

Three Chants Modern, Installation ASpace, Toronto (Images Festival) 2013.

Three Chants Modern (Lily, niv and Agnes), 2013. Digital C-print, 42 x 30 inches.

Three Chants Modern, research materials, list of potential dinner guest,
Abby Rockefeller Archives, The Rockefeller Archive Center, 2012.

“We can never rise to be great people until we bring art back as an inherent part of life.” —Katherine S. Dreier

How can one rethink time? How can one rethink its form, authority and structure? How can one consciously recognize ideology and politics as embedded within the organization of time itself? What would it take to break open the existing structures that hold power over time – to release time by calling on history to reveal itself to us in new ways?

Abby Rockefeller, Lillie P. Bliss, Mary Sullivan (MoMA), Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Hilla Rebay (Guggenheim), Helen Clay Frick, Katherine S. Dreier (Société Anonyme) founded the institutional pillars of Modernism in New York City. Women wrote, painted, curated, organized, drew, danced, sang, protested and raised money. The financially fluent supported those with a cause. They met in and across Salons, exhibitions, on boats out on the Atlantic, in speakeasies, at dinner tables, in bars and on the street. It was their work that allied them across class separations and cultural background. Futurism, Political Reform, Feminism, Cubism, Birth Control, Blues and woman’s right to vote linked them inextricably together in one of the most exciting and creative moments of the 20th century. Yet Three Chants Modern doesn’t simply offer a revisionist history of the Modernist project but an insistence that the tireless work, spirit and convictions that drove these women to create a cross-pollinating and far reaching network across art, politics, education and social reform remains present wherever we closely look today. The works invites to rethink time, to discover it as a non- linear presence and potential that continuously surrounds us.

This work was commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Made possible by MoMA’s Wallis Annenberg Fund for Innovation in Contemporary Art through the Annenberg Foundation.

written, directed and edited by Andrea Geyer

Performers: Leslie Zema, Edisa Weeks, Alicia Ohs, Patricia Hoffbauer, Lily Gold, niv Acosta

Choreography: niv Acosta
Lyrics: Andrea Geyer
Music: JD Samson

Costume Design: Jocelyn Davis

Production Manager: Cortney Andrews
Production Manager MoMA: Jill A. Samuels

Director of Photography: Michelle Lawler
Steadicam Operator: Jamie Northrup
1st Camera Assistant: Consuelo Althouse
Camera Spotter: Ilyn Wong
Gaffer: Stefan Weinberger
Gaffer Assistant: Matt Whitman

Assistant to the Director: Brenda Goldstein
Script Supervision: Alona Weiss

Sound: John Steadwell
Boom Operators: Pieter Paul Pothoven, Isaac Pool

Media Manager: Maricruz Alarcón
Performance Support: Lauren Denitzio
Spotters: Christine Howard Sandoval, John Führer
Security guards: Kao-sy Yannyck, Vladimir Legrand, Clement Blake, Adrian Poulson, Reynold Pascal

Sound Mix: Alexa Zimmerman
Color Correction: Cory Evans

Special thanks to: the dancers and the Museum of Modern Art, to Kathy Halbreich, Ann Temkin, Sabine Breitwieser, Ana Janevski, Martin Hartung, Jill A. Samuels, Cortney Andrews, the Security Staff at MoMA, Hannah Stearn, Reid Farrington, Amy Chen, Cara Manes, Michelle Elligott, Milan Hughston, Jane Anderson, Sharon Hayes, Barbara Clausen, Vivian Ziherl and Ashley Hunt.

installation views