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andrea geyer

On This Day. 2019. silkscreen and acrlyic on paper

On this day
Installation at Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva, FL.

On this day, developed during a Rauschenberg Residency in the summer of 2018, offers a different form of storytelling in which both artist and viewers are called out as protagonists. Responding directly to the current political climate, this work materializes how (violent) histories resonate in our contemporary bodies. Driven by Geyer’s upbringing in Germany, this work reflects on the role of the ”bystander” informed by history in the current volatile and precarious times. Geyer layers news imagery and text in silver iridescent and white paints on rag paper.  The resulting large, flag-like works curve towards a viewer in a gentle, yet persistent fashion, proposing an inevitable proximity of the receding yet present image to a viewing body. Geyer asks us to envision multiple moments in time and a viewer’s relationship to it. To by-stand, to view art, to witness are all put forward as related actions, as possibly parallel, as lastingly impactful.

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