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andrea geyer / sharon hayes

Cambio de Lugar_Change of Place_Ortswechsel. 2000. (collaboration with Sharon Hayes) multi channel video installation.

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What is you name?

How old are you?

What are you doing in New York City?
Where do you live, Why did you move there or remain there?

What do you read right now? Where do you get the material you read?

Do you read in translation?

Do you find yourself limited through the availability of books in translation?

How would you define the term woman?

Do you think of yourself as gendered?

How would you define feminism?
Is it active and where would you locate this feminism?

Do women need to be defended?

Do you think there is something like a woman's agenda?

Do you feel part of a generation? How is this generation described?

How do you relate to class struggle in the context of women's rights
where you come from?

Do you experience a presence of a transgendered community and thinking of that what does it do to your notion of the traditional gender categories of man and woman?

Do you feel you have the power to narrate your own identity?

What historical incidence can you recall which lead to changes in your gender identity and consciousness?

Are you part of any social/political organization?

Does the idea of a private and public sphere still have relevance
in the feminist debate?

How do you feel about the new elected president?

What do you think about the women's football league?

Is there anything else you would like to add?