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andrea geyer

Constellations Bliss / Sullivan / Rockefeller. 2013. hand-cut archival prints on rag paper, dimensions variable

Abby Sullivan, 30 x 21 1/2 inches

Geyer began her ongoing series of collages Constellations with black-and-white portraits—some photographs and some reproductions of paintings—of women whose salons were significant in shaping the culture and politics of their respective time periods, including both legendary women and lesser known figures. Out of each portrait, Geyer hand-cut unique prismatic segments and then reintegrated the segments into the image, turning some of them 180 degrees, and leaving between them a small gap. The reconfigured portraits underscore how the stories, actions, and legacies of these important women and their salons are refracted and obscured and, at the same time, delineate a new kind of visibility and recognition. Geyer created these portraits of the three women who found MoMA in 2018, after she created the method of making the Constellation as a homage to the three women that set inspired her initial research.

Lillie Bliss, 30 x 20 1/4 inches

Mary Rockefeller, 30 x 24 inches