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andrea geyer

Constellations. 2018. sizes variable, black and white hand-cut archival print.

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Constellations (Regina M. Andrews) Constellations (Florine Stettheimer) Constellations (Carrie Stettheimer) Constellations (Mabel Dodge) Constellations (Hester Thrale) Constellations (Dorothy Peterson) Constellations (Rahel Varnhagen) Constellations (Natalie Barney) Constellations (Jessie Fauset) Constellations (A'Lelia Walker) Constellations (Alice Toklas and Gertrude Stein) Constellations (Hilde Radusch and Eddy Klopsch) Constellations (The Ladies of Llangollen) Constellations (Henriette Herz) Constellations (May Ziade or Mayy Ziyadah) Constellations (Frida Kahlo)