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andrea geyer

Fantasies are feelings given form. Don't worry, they are safe if understood. 2001. 3 channel video installation. 3 videos, each 30 minutes

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“Today we need more than the technical know-how how to get ahead. You also need to be a good flirt, to be a good listener who responds to others verbally and non-verbally, in a way that wins their support.” book review 1999.

Andrea Geyer presents the scripts Act One, Act Two, and Act Three for the Sitcom “Fantasies are feelings given form. Don’t worry, they are safe, if understood.” The story follows Daniel and Francis as they meet and go out for their first date. The patterns of the two main characters are created by transcribing the suggestion of so-called "social etiquette" into exclusive behavior. The source materials are books like “Dating for Dummies”, the “Idiots Guide to Dating”, etc., book titles which claim to sell over 50 million copies world wide.

The circle of sociology and etiquette, the research of social behavior and the re-inscription of the normative is what relates the format of the common TV sitcom with the idea of handbooks for social behavior. Social behavior becomes here a strategy for the individual to relate to their surroundings, where methods of the market, capitalism and the business world penetrate the world of the everyday, the social and the democratic.