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andrea geyer / katya sander

Meaning is what hides the instability of one's position. 2004. Labyrinth architecture with multichannel slide projections.

Airports generate an airy feeling of uncertainty while passing through their architecture. The traveling body subjects itself to the mechanisms of air transportation, to the check-in, the assignment, the numbering, the security control, the flow, the assigned waiting time, the control, the rules and regulations. Like the luggage checked, each passenger moves on designated tracks through the building and is sorted according to security measurements, destination and class.

Despite the recent trend of representative transparency in the architecture of most major airports, they are built in ways to guarantee the clean architectural separation and controlled circulation of individual passenger flows, the strategic division of airport areas, the secure luggage transportation and the hidden maintenance facilities.

Meaning hides the instability of one’s position and employs the airport on a practical as well as symbolical level. A multichannel slide installation is staged in a two-sided labyrinth in which the viewer needs to find her way. The work challenges forms of segregation and assignment of categories in a current moment in which the supposed liberty of movement of the recent years, has yet again been re-territorialized by states to regulate the flow of visitor according to highly questionable reasoning and strategies.

As a site that is symbolically as well as legally neither within nor outside the country of its location, regular modes of identification are challenged for every trespasser. Who are you? Can you identify yourself? What are you doing here? Where do you belong?

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