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andrea geyer

Out of Sorts. 2008. 9 posters for public display (commissioned by the Queer Festival Zagreb: Crime, Sexuality and Gender, 2008, curated by Leonida Kovac).

fabric banners, gallery installation.

Out of Sorts, is combining drawings of iconic images from main stream media and movies of queer kisses with poetic texts constructed of definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary of words such as androgynous, queer, difference, violence, power, repression and others. The drawings of emotional embraces create the surface for a for a form of poetics that can open up the space of belonging and desire paired with an undeniable vulnerability and threat of violence against the queer community. The Poetry here is not only used in its textual form, but in its historical function as poetry, which, by means of its performance breaks with everyday speech, to evoke memories of the Ethos of the community.

The resulting posters are intended to be displayed in the urban public sphere. The life-size banners can be hung indoor or outdoors.

detailed view of each frame