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andrea geyer

Resonant. 2021. wax, oil, acrylic on paper, 41 x 29.5 inches.

Resonant accumulates materials photographed in protests Geyer participated in since 1996. Layering the outlines of protesters in different shades of silver, quoting black and white photography’s essential materials as well as the vibrancy of bodies in public spaces Resonant engages questions of power and vulnerability, of the individual and the collective, of visibility and protection in public protest. The work layers present protests with past ones, mirroring the layers of events in space over time. It hones in on and isolates shared gestural and bodily genealogies across the moments photographed, materializing them as tools and languages, materially thick, tangible, reflective and fleeting. The resulting layers of thick paint on paper demarcate the margins and dissolve them into each other at the same time. Geyer is interested in the groups that form, that simultaneously amplify and protect those part of it. Resonant is an attempt to capture both the outward facing shifting image and the experience from within, using portraiture both as camouflage and as a form of reveal.

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