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andrea geyer / simon j. ortiz

Spiral Lands / Chapter 3. 2009 / in progress. (text by Simon J.Ortiz) Gelatin silver print, wooden frame, etched glass, 55cm x 69cm.

The cycle of works called Spiral Lands investigates the role of photography, the researcher and the artist in the colonization and continuous appropriation of the North American continent, using the American Southwest (now Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado) as an example. Not stopping with the past, but working up through the present moment, this work looks critically at records, documents, stories, drawings, and photography that construct and continuously reconstruct the complex history of North America and the Identity of all its people. Chapter 1 focuses on photography, Chapter 2 on the role of the scholar, and Chapter 3 is a collaboration with Simon J. Ortiz, that shows a dialogue created about these issues using the means of poetry, prose, and photography.

photographs: Andrea Geyer
text: Simon J. Ortiz

detailed view of each frame