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andrea geyer

Song for Time Tenderness. workshop recording.

photocredit: Filip Wolak
Performance Whitney Museum of American Art, May 13-18th, 2015


Floor 8
Imagine myself a woman of fire
Pale in the moon and in dawn’s first light
Watching my sun rise higher and higher
Take on a timekeepers visionary right.

Floor 7
I move with our time and the stories it holds
What’s seen and what’s hidden within its folds
Our struggles reveal their strength to adorn
Some feel like dying, some just been born.

Floor 6
Us artists alike we seek free expression
Through all the voices within our control
No fear, no remorse, no humble concessions
This way be certain my presence is whole.

Floor 5
Remember my friend things always keep living
Echo through noise and strongly dimmed lights
On walls of museums, in motions and visions
They master our time gleaming us bright.

No darkness stops listening
revolutions in sight
No wind shuts eyes open
stops minds in mid flight
No hiding of power
In bodies with scars,
revealing us time in present at last,
revealing us time in present at last.