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andrea geyer

un/rest. 2021. vintage canes and walking sticks, aluminum leaf, snake skin, ink dimensions variable.

Inspired by a the performance of Okwui Okpokwasili and Peter Born: “Sitting on a Man’s Head,” at Danspace in 2019, and the questions of what keeps us going in the face of a continued forgetting of specific histories, narratives, individuals, and events, un/rest continues the investment in my recent sculptural works to materialize a support system for bodies to withstand, engage, escape, prevail. In these works mundane objects like ladders, chairs, and in this case canes are altered and manipulated, propped up to invoke a body using it, reliant on it. Working with found objects that hold traces of past uses that are then altered to suggest future need and uses, the canes of un/rest point forward and backward in time, as necessity and potent tool for movement not yet imagined.

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